Withdrawal From Classes

In some cases, students may withdraw from classes before the end of a semester. The following procedures will be followed in the case of class withdrawal:
  • Official Withdrawal Student notifies the University including:
    • Their Academic Advisor
    • Office of the Registrar
    • Department of Residence
    They will leave school prior to completing the semester they are enrolled in. The office of the Registrar will officially notify the Office of Student Financial Aid, at the same time, the students financial aid will be adjusted accordingly. Learn more about the Return of Title IV Funds policy.
  • Unofficial Withdrawal Indicators of an unofficial withdrawal would include but not be limited to, a grade point average of 0.00 at the end of an enrolled term, all F grades, or a combination of F and Incompletes at the end of an enrolled term. Learn more about the Unofficial Withdrawal from Classes policy.

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