Verification Forms


Only students notified of the request for verification documents, through AccessPlus, email, or postal mail, are required to submit the following verification documents. Students should not submit the following documents if they were not notified by Iowa State University of their selection for verification.

Students are now able to complete and sign the Student Institutional Verification Form online through AccessPlus on the FAFSA status page. The Parent Institutional Verification Form can also be completed on the AccessPlus FAFSA status page, by a parent on the FAFSA, who the student has assigned 3rd Party access to for financial aid information. If the student chooses to assign 3rd party access to their parent’s AccessPlus account, directions are available.
Make sure you select the correct document version year

Citizenship and Eligible Non-Citizen Verification

FAFSA was unable to confirm your U.S. Citizenship or Eligible Non-Citizen status. Complete and submit the form below with a Notary Public, only if you were instructed to do so by the Office of Student Financial Aid.