Loan Resources


We provide a list of calculators that can help with managing your loans.


Loan consolidation involves combining several student loans or parent loans into one single loan held by one loan servicer.

Deferment and Forbearance

Loan features that potentially allows the student to temporarily reduce or postpone the repayment of student loans.

Entrance and Exit Counseling

Online process required for completion by all first time Federal Direct Loan or Federal Graduate PLUS loan borrowers.

Federal Loan Servicers

An agency that helps a borrower to handle billing and other services during repayment of federal education loans.

Federal Student Loan Limits

Information on the amount of federal student loans an individual can take out per year/lifetime.

Interest Rates and Origination Fees 

Interest rates – amounts charged to a borrower for the privilege of using the lender’s money. Origination fees – fees assessed by lenders to help offset the cost of processing the loan.


Details regarding the repayment of educational loans, once a student graduates or is no longer enrolled at least half-time.

Tracking Your Loans

Information for borrowers on how to track Educational loans; Federal or Private.

Summer Aid Application

Information for students on applying for a summer financial aid package.

Important Information for Student Loan Borrowers

Information students should consider before borrowing student loans.