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National Student Employment Week

April 10-14th, 2023

As a supervisor of student employees, you can have a profound impact on their development and overall student employment experience. Taking the time to give them formalized feedback, the opportunity to reflect and apply their skills to their future career.  

National Student Employment Week is a chance for us show appreciation for all the hard work and dedication of our outstanding students. At Iowa State, we celebrate with campus wide activities, prizes, giveaways and more! We have also compiled a toolkit for supervisors to use to hold their own celebrations for their own teams.

Supervisor Resources and Opportunities

Student Employee Supervisor Webinar: The Art of Giving and Receiving Meaningful Feedback

To kick off National Student Employment Week, the Office of Student Financial Aid is excited to partner with Dr. Brenda Allen, Iowa State University Extension and Outreach, to host a webinar for supervisors and those that work with students on Tuesday March 28th. Please tune in from 10:30 AM -12:00 PM. 

Both giving AND receiving constructive feedback are essential to individual and organizational success. They are critical for healthy relationships and successful programs, yet many share that both are difficult. This session will provide an opportunity to explore and practice what it means to give meaningful feedback and how to accept feedback in healthy ways as well as discuss strategies that make some difficult conversations a little easier. 

Learning Objectives: 

  1. Identify strategies to utilize when giving meaningful feedback.
  2. Develop concrete strategies to help process constructive feedback when receiving it.

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NSEW Supervisor Toolkit

We want to make this week easy for you to celebrate, so we have gathered a few resources for you to use. You can access the NSEW Supervisor Toolkit below by logging into Box with your Iowa State credentials. There you will find editable thank you notes, colorful pun graphics, and some tools to help your students reflect on their experience as a student employee.

Campus Wide Events

During National Student Employment Week, there will be free activities for student employees. Everything from career readiness workshops, wellness activities, trivia with prizes, free food and more! Encourage your students to participate in these activities by helping them make a plan for attendance. Find out more and register below. Participation lists of the workshops can be made available upon request .  

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