Student Employee Recognition

Students working in a cafe Students at Iowa State University perform invaluable work across campus and around the community. Our student employees carry out important services with passion, initiative, and dedication all while cultivating professional skills and helping our university and community thrive. We encourage the recognition and appreciation of the students who provide work vital to the operation of the university.

Student Employee of the Year

  • Every year, one outstanding student is honored as ISU’s Student Employee of the Year. Selection is based on reliability, quality of work, initiative, professionalism, interpersonal skills, and unique contributions to the employer.
Learn more about previous winners and how to nominate a student

National Student Employment Week

  • National Student Employment Week is celebrated during the second full week in April every year. Colleges and universities across the country take time to recognize the importance of student employees. This week is a change for student employers and their supervisors to celebrate the accomplishments of their students.
Objectives of National Student Employment Week
  • Enhance awareness of student employment and its important role in the higher education experience
  • Recognize students who contribute to the campus and community through their work while attending college
  • Recognize students who perform outstanding work in their student employment positions
  • Thank the employers who hire students for part-time positions which enhance the student employment program
  • Thank employers for their dedication to the student employment process and help make it a success
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