General Information

America Reads/America Counts is a team of Iowa State Students committed to improving children’s reading and math knowledge. To accomplish our goal, we partner with multiple schools and agencies in central Iowa. Iowa State’s America Reads/America Counts program is proud that our students are engaged in the community and support our mission.


Our mission is to increase reading and math skills of local youth and promote college student mentoring and service to the community. This is achieved by providing local schools with trained college student reading and math tutors, and enlisting the support of local teachers, administrators, parents, Iowa State faculty and staff, community volunteers, and other organizations.


If you have any questions regarding the America Reads/America Counts program at Iowa State, please feel free to contact the program staff. If you are an ISU student or a K-12 teacher or administrator, we encourage you to participate in this program and help us support the development of children’s abilities in reading and math.