Do I qualify to become a tutor? Work-Study students, from any major, who would like the opportunity to work with elementary and middle school children are encouraged to apply. All tutors will be screened by Iowa Department of Public Safety and interviewed by AR/AC program coordinators.

How do I apply to be a tutor? Download an application or visit us at our office, 0640 Beardshear Hall. Return your application to the America Reads/America Counts office.

What is the DPS screening for? Because AR/AC tutors work one-on-one with elementary and middle-school students, sex offender background checks are run on each tutor prior to placement in the school. This provides an important assurance to parents and educators.

How do I get Work-Study eligibility? Fill out your FAFSA. Students must have unmet financial need to qualify for work study funding. Contact the AR/AC office to see if you qualify.

How much will I get paid as a tutor? $9.00 / hour (1st & 2nd successful semesters) $10.00 / hour (3rd semester & longer)

How will I get paid? Tutors are responsible for recording their hours on a time sheet. Tutors are paid twice per month (on the 15th and the last day of each month). If time sheets are submitted past the established deadline, your paycheck may be delayed until the next pay period.

Am I paid for travel time? Yes, tutors traveling outside the Ames area are paid for travel time from Ames to their site according to a pre-determined schedule.

How do I get to my school? Ames tutors must provide their own transportation. If a tutor lives outside of Ames, the AR/AC office determines travel time pay on a case-by-case basis.

What school will I be placed in? You could be placed in any participating school, including Ames, Ballard, Boone, Roland-Story, Nevada, Des Moines, Gilbert and others within approximately 50 miles of Ames. AR/AC staff will seek your input for placement. Your class schedule will be a main factor used to determine placement and your work schedule.

How many hours can I work per week? Number of work hours will depend on the amount of your work study eligibility and your class schedule. Tutors can work anywhere from 5 – 20 hours per week on average.

What will I be doing at the school where I am placed? Your focus will be direct involvement with students. Daily activities will vary with the school and grade level with which you work. Our tutors lead small group sessions and one-on-one sessions. Many of our students are able to apply their backgrounds in art, science, technology and foreign languages while tutoring.

Can I work with high school students? No, the AR/AC program allows tutors to work with elementary and middle school students. Tutors may tutor reading up to sixth grade and may tutor math up to eighth grade.

Can I help with recess duty? No, AR/AC are allowed to tutor math and reading. Tutors are not allowed to assist with recess duty or work on miscellaneous projects for teachers and schools/sites.

Can I go on field trips with my school? No, unless pre-approved by AR/AC staff, tutors are not allowed to go on field trips with their schools/sites.

Who will I report to? Each school has an on-site coordinator and/or cooperating teacher with whom you will check-in each day. This person is in charge of signing your time sheet and addressing any concerns you have with your placement. The AR/AC staff is also available to discuss any concerns.

How will I be trained? Prior to your initial placement in the school you will go through tutor orientation and training. Attendance at these training sessions is mandatory. You will receive your normal hourly rate for all training sessions. Additional optional training opportunities will be offered throughout your participation in the AR/AC program.

What are reflection sessions? Tutors sign up for reflection sessions. This session will take place during the semester to discuss experiences and to work through any tutoring challenges. Part of the hour will be sharing your tutoring experiences and the other part will be on-going training. Attendance at reflection sessions is required and tutors are paid at their regular hourly rate.

Is it mandatory that I attend the reflection sessions? YES! All training and reflection sessions are required.

How do I need to dress for this job? Each school will establish a dress code for you. This will be discussed at your on-site training. The on-campus training and reflection sessions are a relaxed atmosphere so feel free to wear comfortable clothing.