Paying Your Bill

Students will receive financial aid in installments, normally half for fall semester and half for spring semester. An e-mail will be sent to the student’s Iowa State email account reminding them to authorize the release of financial aid on AccessPlus. On a semester by semester basis, students must also agree to the terms and conditions on their university bill and accept or decline their loans, all on AccessPlus.

When the bill to Iowa State University is paid in full, any excess financial aid is refunded to the student’s bank account for books, supplies, or other education-related costs, including off-campus living expenses.

  • Excess funds may be deposited into the student’s bank account only after they sign up for ‘Direct Deposit’ on AccessPlus
  • Any excess funds from the Federal Direct Parent PLUS Loan will be mailed to the parent unless the parent authorizes the Office of Student Financial Aid to release the money to the student.

How to Pay Your U-Bill

For information on payment options and how to pay your U-Bill, visit the Accounts Receivable website.