New to Iowa State University

Planning to attend Iowa State next year?

Review the financial aid award sent to you in the mail. The same information can be viewed in the Financial Aid section of AccessPlus at the “Financial Aid Award” link. Incoming freshmen financial aid awards are available now. Incoming transfer student financial aid awards will be available at the end of March. This Guide to Your Financial Aid Award will help explain the information on your financial aid award as well as detail next steps.

Important information for students who have already received their financial aid award:

  • Rates for tuition, fees, housing, and meals for 2018-19 will be approved by the Board of Regents, State of Iowa in June, 2018. Students affected by any changes in costs will be notified via e-mail after approval.
  • Awards are contingent upon continued funding from federal, state and institutional sources. Awards are subject to change and may be rescinded or reduced if funding is insufficient or discontinued, your financial need changes, your tuition assessment changes, or you receive aid from other sources. In the event that a student receives outside/private scholarships in excess of the standard cost of attendance, institutional aid will be reduced up to the excess amount.
  • If your financial aid award changes (ex: your FAFSA has been verified, you receive additional outside scholarships, etc.), you will be notified via e-mail to view your updated financial aid award in AccessPlus.
  • Our funding levels, academic profiles, and cumulative financial need of all our applicants prevent making any adjustments to the current financial aid award. Incoming students may look for scholarships still accepting applications. We would also encourage incoming students to continue applying for scholarships that may be available through their community.
  • The 2018-19 FAFSA uses 2016 tax information and would determine students’ financial aid eligibility for 2018-19. If your financial situation has changed since 2016, you may want to explore our Special Conditions process.