Showboxa.Com Scholarship Program

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General Information

Every year, Showboxa.Com provides a $2500 scholarship to the three students who comes up with an extraordinary essay on below points.
-Explain how today's Science and Technology inspires you?
-Best needy applications for the humans self-development.
-What did you learn through the experience?

Deadlines: Every Year 5-June and 15-Dec

Include the following information in your submission email:
-Full Name
-Full Address
-Contact Number
-Alternative Phone Number
-Email Address
-The full name of your school/college, department/course
-Graduating year
-A photograph which will be used if your essay is chosen to be highlighted on our website.

  • Amount of Award: $2500
  • Number of Awards: 3

  • FAFSA by December 1st: Not Required

Contact Information


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