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Paying Your Bill

Students will receive financial aid in installments, normally half for fall semester and half for spring semester. An e-mail will be sent to the student's Iowa State email account reminding them to authorize the release of financial aid on AccessPlus. They must authorize the release of aid before it can be applied to the university bill.

When the bill to Iowa State University is paid in full, any excess financial aid is refunded to the student's bank account for books, supplies, or other education-related costs, including off-campus living expenses.

  • Excess funds may be deposited into the student's bank account only after they sign up for "Direct Deposit" on AccessPlus
  • Any excess funds for the Federal Direct PLUS will be mailed to the parent unless the parent authorizes the Office of Student Financial Aid to release the money to the student.

Payment Options

The UBill is an electronic billing statement found on AccessPlus and the primary source for communicating university charges to our students. Paper statements are not mailed unless requested by students in the "Account info Release" section on their AccessPlus account. The student can access their account at any time for up-to-date account information by selecting UBill under the Account/U-Bill option on AccessPlus. They can also view six months of prior statements. Students will receive an email on the first of each month addressed to their Iowa State email account notifying them of account activity.

The following four payment options are available:

  1. Pay Semester Bill in Full
    Pay the entire amount by the due date listed on the university bill. If financial aid pays the entire bill, any excess will be refunded to the student. If financial aid pays a portion of the bill, the student should pay the balance by the due date.
  2. Deferred Billing Plan
    Pay the university bill in three installments that are due in August, September, and October for fall semester and January, February, and March for spring semester. If the bill has not been paid in full by the due dates (August and January), the student will automatically be enrolled in this plan and assessed a $20 per semester administrative fee. Financial aid is applied to the total bill as it is available and will impact the amount due in each installment.
  3. Monthly Payment Plan
    The student may sign up on AccessPlus for this option. Under this plan, the financial aid is deducted from the total amount owed for the year. The student pays the remaining balance generally over twelve installments starting in April prior to the fall term. There is a $50 enrollment fee which is due with the first payment. Payments are deducted automatically from a checking or savings account.
    For more information, visit Accounts Receivable.
  4. Gift Certificate Payment Option