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Cost of Attendance

The cost of attendance is an estimate of costs of being enrolled for one year at Iowa State University. Each student is assigned a financial aid budget based on their estimated cost of attendance, which is used to determine the maximum amount of financial aid they need. To help with understanding your cost of attendance, planning tools are available. Some of these tools can help you create budgets and lay out costs specific to your enrollment situation.

When considering costs of attendance, please note:

  • Total costs for attending Iowa State University may vary based on students' lifestyles, majors, academic colleges, and academic progress
  • Student tuition, fees, and charges for room & board in university housing are set by the Iowa Board of Regents
  • Room & Board costs refer to the varied housing and dining choices made by the student; more information is available from the Department of Residence and ISU Dining
  • Summer costs of attendance vary depending on each student's situation — see Tuition and Fees for more information
  • Juniors and seniors in some colleges are assessed tuition at a higher rate — see Tuition and Fees for more information
2014-2015 rates are proposed rates and may be subject to change

Costs by Classification

Fall & Spring — All Years
Tuition & Fees$7,726$7,726$7,731$19,838$20,278$20,617
Room & Board$7,721$7,721$7,830$7,721$7,721$7,830
Books & Supplies$1,043$1,043$1,039$1,041$1,041$1,043
Total University Expenses$16,490$16,490$16,600$28,600$29,040$29,490
Anticipated Personal Expenses$2,430$2,430$2,430$2,430$2,430$2,430
Total Expected Cost of Attendance (rounded)$18,920$18,920$19,030$31,030$31,470$31,920
Fall & Spring — All Years
Tuition & Fees$8,788$8,880$9,027$20,728$21,190$21,841
Room & Board$8,160$8,160$8,275$8,160$8,160$8,275
Books & Supplies$1,042$1,040$1,038$1,042$1,040$1,044
Total University Expenses$17,990$18,080$18,340$29,930$30,390$31,160
Anticipated Personal Expenses$2,990$2,990$2,990$2,990$2,990$2,990
Total Expected Cost of Attendance (rounded)$20,980$21,070$21,330$32,920$33,380$34,150
Fall & Spring — Years 1, 2, 3
Tuition & Fees$19,582$20,230$21,097$42,468$43,918$45,851
Room & Board$8,160$8,160$8,275$8,160$8,160$8,275
Books & Supplies$1,048$1,040$1,038$1,042$1,042$1,044
Total University Expenses$28,790$29,430$30,410$51,670$53,120$55,170
Anticipated Personal Expenses$3,320$3,320$3,320$3,320$3,320$3,320
Total Expected Cost of Attendance (rounded)$32,110$32,750$33,730$54,990$56,440$58,490
"Summer", Fall & Spring — Year 4
Tuition & Fees$28,717$28,277$20,805$51,085$51,167$36,933
Room & Board$11,985$11,985$8,275$11,985$11,985$8,275
Books & Supplies$1,572$1,564$1,040$1,570$1,570$1,042
Total University Expenses$42,274$41,826$30,120$64,640$64,722$46,250
Anticipated Personal Expenses$4,895$4,895$3,320$4,895$4,895$3,320
Total Expected Cost of Attendance (rounded)$47,170$46,720$33,440$69,540$69,620$49,570

* Veterinary Medicine Year 4, 14-15 numbers do NOT include Summer tuition. These numbers will be updated when they become available. For more information, visit the Veterinary Medicine Students page.